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  • Low cost Distance education has several advantages over traditional education, including increased flexibility, lower costs (such as travel costs, hotels, meals, and fees), less time travelling, as well as being able to study at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or jobsite office. Distance education allows you to study efficiently and conveniently while still maintaining all the advantages of the traditional classroom. You can study according to your own hours, with none of the lecture, assignment and exam schedules that conventional classroom learning has.

The GIA GROUP offers many training programs, just contact us for information on your desired field of knowledge by phone at 540-793-5725 or 678-472-2496 or by email at †

The following is a variety of some of the most popular distance learning programs that the GIA GROUP offers.




The world of intelligence is contained on a DVD produced by the GIA GROUP for Intelligence training programs. This program is designed so that if the personnel taking the training session are involved in a forty hour week of training, the entire program will consume 90 days of training. The DVD contains 1008 pages of text and images and 2,465 POWER POINT Presentation slides, equaling a total of 3,473 pages of information and training programs. This DVD contains both of the books entitled THE INTEL MANUAL VOLUME I and VOLUME II. With this program you also receive a copy of the GIA Group book, COVERT SURVEILLANCE AND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING. This outstanding package sells for only $395.00. Catalog # TP-100-002

Training Program

Interrogation Scene.JPG

CONDUCTING SUCCESSFUL INTERROGATIONS is designed as a forty hour program and the DVD contains 303 slides plus a second group of 124 slides dedicated to NEURO-LINGUISTICS IN INTERROGATION. Also included in the program is an interrogation manual and a copy of the GIA Group book GAINING INTEL AND EVIDENCE FROM COMPUTERS. The interrogation manual will not make you a successful interrogator however knowledge of subject matter and of the basic principles will make possible the avoidance of mistakes that are characteristic of poor interrogation. The purpose, then, is not to teach the reader how to be a good interrogator but rather to tell him what he must learn in order to become a good interrogator. The total cost for this training program is only $199.95. Catalog # TP-100-007



                                                       Surveillance platforms.jpg

BODYWIRES AND BUGS is a training program designed as a five day, 40 hour program. This training course includes 102 POWER POINT slides and 300 pages of relevant text and a copy of the GIA Group book TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE BUGS AND BODY WIRES which alone sells for $65.00. The program is contained on a CD-ROM disk along with the book and sells for only $149.95. Catalog # TP-100-005



                                                        NightHawk 2.JPG

HOW TO CONDUCT SURVEILLANCE is an extensive training program which is dedicated to all aspects of surveillance operations. The program is contained on two CD-ROMS. The first disk is a POWER POINT PRESENTATION on CONDUCTING COVERT SURVEILLANCE, ground, mobile, etc. and contains 290 slides plus text in a WORD file. The second disk is entitled CONDUCTING COVERT TECHNICAL SURVEILLANCE and has 389 slides plus a copy of the GIA GROUP book COVERT SURVEILLANCE AND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING. The price for this program is only $195.99. Catalog # TP-100-004



                        SIGINT OPS.jpg  

INTELLIGENCE AND COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS is an intensive training program consisting of 607 Power Point slides and a Word file of 250 pages of compatible text with emphasis on vjdeo imaging, optical, thermal, and signals Intel and counter-Intel equipment and its applications, along with the 405 pages in a copy of the GIA Group book COVERT SURVEILLANCE AND INTELLIGENCE GATHERING. This program is designed for those personnel functioning in all forms of Intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence, and Intelligence analysis. The price for this program is only $179.95. Catalog # TP-100-009



TRAINING PROGRAM Home Study Training Program

Bodyguard Image  

ANTI-TERRORIST / VIP PROTECTION CHAUFFEUR and SECURITY DRIVERS TRAINING Home Study Training Program, a theoretical course, was created for numerous reasons. The first was to enable those personnel, who for a variety of reasons are unable to attend residential training programs but still wish to receive some form of academic qualification for their driving skills. The second reason was to cater to people who are seeking a career change. Security driver training is by definition a very costly exercise. It is wise to reflect long and hard before you fully commit to conducting the full four phases (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta) of the curriculum. This program is offered as our lowest cost entry into the world of security driver training and enables you, the student, to assess whether or not you are making a wise career choice.

These were the initial reasons, however, the principal reason this program was created is because there is a definite shortage of realistic security driver training programs available. The GIA GROUPís training program is described as follows.

Alpha Phase; is the home-study one-year program. You will receive a bi-monthly lesson package every two months during this theoretical correspondence course. The alternative is to pay the full course amount and receive the entire one-year program. This option is known as The FAST TRACK Alpha PHASE. At the end of Alpha Phase, you will receive a written examination, which you will complete in the comfort of your own home. Once you have completed this, you will forward it to our headquarters and our instructors will grade it. Upon successful graduation from the program, you will receive your certified diploma. THE FAST TRACK Alpha PHASE PROGRAM cost is $850.00 U.S. Dollars. The 1 year Alpha PHASE PROGRAM cost is $1,050.00, payable in six bi-monthly payments of $175.00. Contact the GIA GROUP for expanded details on the complete curriculum. Catalog # TP-100-012

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